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and keep your name in front of clients and key prospects. You are encouraged to add complete contact information at the top of the newsletter.

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Weekly Market Insights or

Monthly/Quarterly Market Insights

Introducing MidWeek Notes! – a product designed exclusively for prospecting via Social Media Channels. MidWeek Notes aligns itself with today’s fast-paced social media format. Potential clients are just one click away from discovering the expertise you have to offer them.

When delivering to clients and prospects, simply add your name and company contact information, include any timely reminders, then share. Or insert the content into your website blog.

These newsletters highlight the major global and economic themes, as well as address/explore/analyze investors’ concerns and interests over the upcoming weeks. The flexibility of the format allows Financial Jumble to quickly react to a sudden change in the economic environment.

The Weekly and Monthly options include an applicable annual summary.

To serve offices where multiple Advisors may prefer to send either the weekly or monthly update, or feel that MidWeek Notes will best serve your needs, Financial Jumble can tailor the package to meet individual preferences and offer bundled pricing for one low cost per Advisor license.

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in the eyes of clients and increase client satisfaction using timely, valued-added, and educational newsletters that are client-focused.

Also Receive a Weekly Advisor-Focused Newsletter

The Advisor Weekly™ Financial Market Report
A chart-heavy, time-friendly, in-depth analysis written to keep Advisors informed.

The Advisor Weekly™is delivered in PDF format and offers a more thorough analysis of the financial markets and the economy. It is designed to help you, the Financial Advisor, develop your own perspective about the current state of the markets and economy. It is not only a top-down review of what is pertinent, it is a convenient and indispensable reference and communication tool that assists in client presentations and general questions about the market.


Weekly newsletters are delivered prior to the start of the new week, typically Saturday.

The Monthly is forwarded by the close of the first business day of the new month.


Financial Jumble encourages the Financial Advisor to customize the newsletter with his/her name, logo, picture, contact information and any timely reminders. Advisors have the flexibility to use the template provide by Financial jumble or create their own.

A Private Labeling option is also available.