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Why You Should Consider Content Marketing as Part of Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Did you know...

95% are willing to consider advisor-provided content as trustworthy
70% prefer getting to know a financial advisor via content rather than ads
60% feel more positive about a financial advisor after reading valuable content on your website
47% consume three to five pieces of content before engaging with a financial advisor*

That is why I have created marketing solutions explicitly for Financial Advisors, RIAs, and financial professionals. It’s content made available to you that fits neatly into social media formats, website blogs, newsletters, and email communiqués.

These newsletters and communication tools are designed to educate and bolster client engagement. When markets turn choppy, Financial Jumble provides you with a fast and efficient way to reassure your clients.

These financial marketing themes available to you are professionally crafted in a conversational tone by financial specialist Charles Sherry, M.Sc., who contributes to and authored the daily Schwab Market Review for six years.

The fully branded newsletters not only inform and educate clients on timely and relevant topics, but they help position you as the thought leader and demonstrate you are in tune with fast-moving events.

Financial Jumble encourages you to add any reminders or important events that may interest clients. Any welcoming remarks you may add simply complement the insightful and value-added content.

Check out our testimonials and find out why Financial Advisors turn to Financial Jumble for their content and writing needs.

A private-label option is also available for you.

*Sources: FPA, Content Marketing Institute, Curata, DemandGen, Content Plus

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Owner & Founder

With over 20 years in the industry, Charles Sherry, M.Sc. is a seasoned financial specialist who is passionate about delving deep into the markets and leveraging communication to improve the client experience. He works primarily with financial advisors, providing resources and tools that bolster client engagement, attract prospects, and save time and money.


I regularly forward Charles' commentaries to clients, and the feedback has been outstanding! I have also found this to be a great prospecting tool, as it differentiates me from other advisors.
Nancy H., CDFA™, MAFF™, AWMA®, AAMS®

Senior Financial Advisor

Clarity Financial

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